Ep 1. Legally Brunette: Why I Chose to Study Law

When people ask me “what do you study at University?” without a doubt 99% of the time when I say that I study law, the reply I get is “wow you must be smart” and as much as I wish that was true, it is definitely not the case. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to become a lawyer *minus the slight detour when I had bright ambitions to become the next big actress or my phase of wanting to become a film editor*. However, if you would have asked me five years ago whether I would be studying it now, I definitely would not have thought it would be possible.

While most people think that studying law is a good achievement as they believe lawyers are on a good income, the reality could not be further away from this. While lawyers can be on a good salary it is only after you ‘make it’ and are lucky enough to be hired by a noble law firm which is normally the big city firms. However, it has been made clear that these jobs are hard to secure and you’ll be competing against the top law graduates across the country for the place. Not only to mention that this is after the tough competition to secure a training contract. I would be lying if I said that the potential income was not enticing to me. Despite this, there are many more reasons to why one day I would like to become a lawyer.

Without going into too much detail, certain elements of my childhood made me see and hear different things in relation to family and child law, with my parents getting divorced when I was so young it never had a harsh impact on me. However, for my sister it was completely different; seeing her go through certain issues inspired me to one day be able to help those going through similar situations. So while you will hear from most students that they want to go into corporate law as that is where the money is at or criminal because it is the most interesting; I would love to specialise in family and child law.

I think any law student has been enticed by the unrealistic glamourisation of working in the legal profession; expensive suits, working in firms with views over the city i.e. the life of Harvey Specter.  Once again I would be lying if the did not make me intrigued the first instance. For the longest time, my favourite musical and one of my favourite films Legally Blonde has had some influence on me. You will hear from a lot of people that they like this film due to Elle Woods being a ‘badass independent woman’ which is true, but the film itself has so many different layers to it. For those who have not watched the film, it is about a young woman who gets her heart broken by who she believes is the man of her dreams; she follows him to Harvard in order to win him back and despite being seen as a stereotypical blonde, proves everybody wrong. I think deep down every girl inspires to have a ‘glo-up’ like Elle Woods after a breakup as she finally realises her worth and that she is smarter than she and everybody else thinks.

In addition to Legally Blonde, I love TV series that focus on lawyers such as Suits and The Good Wife; which are examples of unrealistic glamourisation of being a lawyer but there is no harm in pretending your life to give your mind a rest from the harsh reality. Even if you are not interested in law, you are bound to love Suits, especially because of Harvey Specter; not only does he look the part, he is confident, intelligent and despite being extremely cocky at times, it makes him that little bit more attractive.

So while the image painted of a glamorous lawyer may be untrue, it is true that being in the legal profession can be highly rewarding and gives a chance to help other peoples lives and make a difference. Either way, I’m sure one day I’ll be able to be glamorous, badass and make a difference to peoples lives. *Just got to get through the next two years of university, complete the LPC and somehow find a training contract*.  But as the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait.

Much Love,

Courtney Bekah x