My University Room Tour

On Saturday I moved back to Portsmouth, if you have already read my ‘Moving Back to University‘ post then you will be aware of this already, but for those of you who are not aware then there you go. I managed to unpack very quick, especially for someone who tends to procrastinate a lot of the time. I thought what could be more perfect than posting a room tour? Not only so I could share it with you guys; but as I mentioned in my moving in post, be able to reflect back on it in years to come. Plus, these are my favourite kind of posts or YouTube videos to read/watch – so that is a bonus.

Here is an overview of my room as soon as you enter. I have the downstairs bedroom which I absolutely love because not only does it save me from going up and down the stairs (lazy I know) but it has double doors leading to the garden. I know it is early days but I especially love this during the warmer days as it gives a nice breeze. Something I did not like in student halls was the fact that the window only opened an inch, which tended to make me feel claustrophobic at times. However, with this room, I no longer feel like that and my room is not hot or clammy.

I am in love with these fairy lights which actually belong to my little sister but she let me bring them with me – thank you, Abbie! I am unsure where she bought these from but roses are my favourite flowers which make me love them that little bit more.  I just dangled them on my headboard to add some decor. By being on my headboard, they are easily accessible to turn off and on before going to sleep.

On my bedside table, I have my lightbox with a positivity quote on it (which has been there since the start of the year) as well as mood lamp and one of my favourite mugs. This is normally filled with tea – most of the time anyway.

The picture rail in my room allows me to hang fairy lights without damaging the walls; although I did come prepared and buy Command Hooks. Then using mini pegs I hung some photographs and some polaroids of my friends and family; making my room look more homely.

As a law student, I can imagine that I will be spending a lot of time at this desk. Here I have my necessities including my laptop, printer and all my stationary/binders (hidden of course). Over the year I am sure I will change this layout, however at the moment I am happy with how it is and of course, I have a Legally Blonde quote on my mini light box.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!

What is your favourite part about your room? 

Make sure to drop a comment down below with your answer!

Courtney Bekah x