Starting University: Packing Essentials

With results day being over and done with for another year, many of you will now know where you will be attending university next month; and most likely be frantically searching for bits and bobs for you to take with you to your new home. I know this because I was in the exact same position as you eager ones out there; both I and my mum purchased things months in advance. Which only led to one thing. Overpacking!

Before I start, I would like to say congratulations to all of you who have secured your place at university and on your results. For those who may have been disappointed by their results and are not attending university or have chosen a different path; congratulations on your hard-work and welcome to the next chapter of your life –  post education.

My Experience Last Year

As briefly mentioned in my introduction, this time last year I was preparing to move to Portsmouth to start my first year as a law undergraduate student. I was so eager to move to university and on my blog can read all about my opinions of first year, as well as many other posts like my advice to freshers. *side note – I’ll link all university-related posts before we move on* Because I was so eager to move to university I purchased way too much as well as overpacked other ‘necessities’ I thought I would need. Trust me you won’t need to pack that dress that you think you may possibly wear one night out, despite not wearing it in two years.

Moreover, you certainly do not need to pack every single hoodie you own; as much as you will be living in hoodies during your time at university – you are likely to only wear the same four or five ones. I remember packing a large suitcase, a carry on suitcase in addition to four large shopping bags worth of clothes. My mum moved me into university, however, when moving back home I had the struggles of fitting all that unnecessary stuff into my little KA. It was an absolute mission, to say the least.

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Essentials to Buy

Remember that when you arrive, there will be plenty of shops so do not feel pressurised to buy everything before you move. However, if you are going to buy a majority of your items before you go then here is my packing essentials list.

Important Documents:

Many student pages would advise on packing many documents like your acceptance letter, student finance documents, accommodation documents, bank details and national insurance letter. Personally, I believe that a lot of this is pointless as any acceptance, student finance and accommodation letters will be available to access online. Therefore, I would advise to print these off when needed or told that it is needed. On the other hand, you can put your national insurance number in your notes on your phone for easy access and do not forget either your driving license or passport. Otherwise, you can kiss goodbye to attending freshers events on the first night.

Electrical Items:

Remember to pack your laptop along with its charger and any other chargers and accessories you may need i.e. phone, headphones, portable chargers etc. Alongside these, you will probably want to take any hair tools that you use such as hairdryers (I ended up taking a broken one with me – just my luck) and straighteners/curling wands. I was lucky enough to have plenty of plug and usb pockets in my room so I did not need any extension cables, however, if you do this is something you can purchase later on. If you are an international student, remember to take adapters for your current electronics so you can plug them into the mains.

Kitchen Items:

My biggest piece of advice is to buy cheap kitchenware, it is likely to get smashed, lost or damaged and even if it does survive it through the year; you are only going to be taking it back in September, where you run these risks again. As for items my essentials are:

plates | bowls | frying pan | saucepans | tin/bottle opener | cheese grater | pizza cutter | big spoons for saucepan | colander | sieve | mugs | glasses | food containers – for leftovers | cutting board | large sharp knives | tea towels | oven gloves | sponges

Bedroom Items:

duvet | pillows | duvet set | bed throw | mattress topper/protector | bed sheets | hangers | laundry bag | ear plugs – trust me on this one | door stop – great for moving in and meeting flatmates

Bathroom Items:

Depending if you have your own en-suite or shared bathroom items may vary, however, a good place to start is towels, flannels toothbrush and other toiletries you may need.

Clothing Items:

A mixture of casual, cosy and dressy choices will do perfectly. Do not do what I did and take every hoodie you own, it takes up a lot of room and makes moving back twice as hard. Just take the necessities as you are most likely to buy new clothes while you are there.

Academic Items:

pens | pencils | highlighters | other stationary | books | course recommended reading textbooks | printer – a lot less hassle than having to walk to the library and spend forever trying to find somewhere to sit.

Despite this a lot of your stationery you can buy during freshers week and this also gives you an opportunity to go into your local town and explore.

Ready to Go

There we have it with these essentials you will be ready to settle into your new home. Of course, this is not everything as I know many people like taking photos with them to hang up on their noticeboards as well as fairy lights to make it more comforting. I especially liked having my mini display board decorated as it made my room more personalised.

I wish you all the best with moving into your new home and your new journey that is about to begin. In the meantime if you have any questions about university or anything in general; do feel free to comment below or contact me via my social media – links are all below

Much Love,

Courtney Bekah x