What Would I like to Accomplish in the Next Ten Years?

So last Thursday, your girl Courtney Bekah entered a new decade and turned twenty years old and God doesn’t she feel like she should start getting her life together. I’ve been a pretty transparent person on my blog, previously discussing my fears for the future and what if I don’t get where I want to be. However, today we are aiming for some positive and optimising vibes, so here are ten things that I would like to accomplish throughout my twenties.

1. The most obvious one of them all is graduating from university with my law degree. I can acknowledge that obtaining a law degree is an accomplishment in itself, however, it’s a dream to get upper second class honours. Throughout my past academic history, I’ve never been one to get straight A grades, but ya girl is out here working on changing that.

2. Before I turn thirty, I would love to have travelled some more. I have been incredibly blessed with holidays growing up, which has meant I have visited quite a lot of Greece: Kos, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu as well as Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, New York and most recently Milan. A few places on my bucket list are Paris, Bali, Dubai, Los Angeles and Seattle. I’m planning a post on where I’ve travelled and an extensive and reverse bucket list on my travels; so keep an eye out for that.

3. Land my dream job is definitely a goal I think about every single day. I can guarantee that there is not one day that goes past where I do not think about my future career and this is something that motivates me every day, even if in all honesty I have no motivation for the copious amount of reading university gives me. Ideally, my goal has been to work as a Family and Child Law lawyer; despite this being my goal for the longest time ever, I have recently been enjoying my Medical Law module, so who knows where my future will take me.

4. Before I enter the real adult world of having a family, I would love to move out of my family home and live with either my cousins or my best friend. University has given me a taste of freedom and I absolutely love it. The thought of only having another year and a half of university living with my friends, actually makes me quite sad; therefore, renting somewhere with my friends is definitely on the cards.

5. Much like my future career, nearly every single day I will wish that one day I will be able to afford my own home. It was only last night I was looking on Rightmove at properties I could vision me and my future family living in one day; if anyone wants to deposit some deposit money into my bank I would make great use of it. All joking aside, I believe this is something else that keeps me motivated to work hard and become successful.

6. Stereotypically every girl’s dream (apart from some and that is equally okay) is to fall in love and get married and despite being unlucky with finding the right kind of guy, I have the rest of my life to find someone, however I would love to do this in my late twenties and before turning thirty. Equally, my mum married my step-dad this summer and looked absolutely beautiful and younger and happier than ever; so as long as I look half as good as her at her age then I’ll be blessed.

7. Start a family. There is absolutely no question about this one, whether my dream career works out or whether I do or do not become a homeowner, an ‘accomplishment’ is to be happy and this would definitely come from settling down, getting married and having children. I’ve always dreamt of becoming a mother and whenever I saw a baby, I would be the broodiest girl in the room; one day in the future I would love to have children of my own.

8. A more lighthearted accomplishment, but I would love to learn how to cook GOOD food. While my gluten-free fajitas are quite tasty, just ask my best friend; I’m sure cooking chicken with a packet of seasoning doesn’t quite count as culinary skills. In that instance, I would love to get into a kitchen and be able to work with the foods I have and create a tasty dish; without the pre-packaged ‘stuff’.

9. After quitting ice skating a couple of years ago, I haven’t had many other hobbies, apart from blogging. For this reason, I would absolutely love to be able to dance and to be completely honest any kind of dance will do. I have also wanted to learn the piano and restart YouTube, which I am debating to start doing again. Maybe my twenties will bring some new hobbies to light.

10. Linked with travelling, I would love to go and visit Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa or anywhere where I can help make a difference in others lives who are less fortunate than I. This is something I have thought about for a while and going out to another country and volunteering is definitely something I would like to experience, whether that is next summer or the gap between graduating and starting the LPC.

I would love to know what some of your goals are or what you would like to accomplish in the next ten years. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and inspire one another. Until next time…