My Floating Experience with Limitless Float

Earlier this week I was invited by Gemma and Jared the owners of Limitless Float situated in Southampton via fellow blogger Reema, you can check out her blog hereto visit them and try out floating myself. Disclaimer: I am not being paid in return for a review, however, this was a gifted experience. So first and foremost thank you, Gemma and Jared, for this opportunity.

What is floating and what are the benefits?

First of all, for those who aren’t aware of what floating is because I certainly wasn’t a few weeks ago, it is where you are placed in a sensory deprivation tank full of Epsom salt; which enables you to float without any chance of drowning or going under the surface. According to Limitless Float on their website, “floating provides an opportunity for our mind to rest, re-connect, and recover.  The experience can vary greatly between individuals and can be like peeling back the layers of an onion, each layer revealing a deeper and deeper area of your mind. The more you float the more cumulative the benefits to the mind and body.’

Other benefits of floating include stress relief and over a period of time is supposed to help with anxiety and PTSD due to the nature of the tank being an isolated environment; almost providing a sanctuary away from the outside world. From someone who has been under a significant amount of stress, where everything has gone wrong at the same time and by always being on social media, whether that is Twitter or writing blog posts, planning YouTube videos which I have recently returned to after a three year break; you can check out my channel here or just through boredom, there is not much time in the day, where I am not connected to the internet. So when I was presented with the opportunity to escape from social media for an hour and just spend some time relaxing, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

My Experience

I was welcomed to Limitless Float by Gemma herself with a warm welcome and the atmosphere felt very calm, clean and minimalistic. After talking with Gemma and discussing the company and information about ourselves. I was given a tour, where she showed me around and despite it being a fairly small place; it had all the amenities you could need.

Girls and boys this even included a room with a huge mirror and hair dryers and straighteners; so if you wanted to go somewhere straight after your float, you had the opportunity to get ready beforehand.

Which in my opinion is definitely handy for those who are constantly on the go.


There is also a sit-down relaxation room where after your session, you can have herbal tea or some water, which is recommended just to take a moment before you rush off – which I definitely found helpful before rushing back into my hectic lifestyle.

Before entering the tank/pod I was instructed to shower, wash my hair and body and before entering the water, pat my face dry, so I didn’t feel the need to touch it, this can either irritate you and distract you, or it can also cause salt water to get into your eyes which would cause further disruption. Gemma reassured me that if the water was to enter my eyes, there was a spray bottle of normal water which I could use; as well as directing me how to alert her if I needed anything or assistance and how to turn the lights on and off. You’re given vaseline to cover any cuts to prevent stinging and earplugs to wear. From someone who is prone to ear infections and had a fair share of experiences wearing earplugs; I can honestly say the ones provided, were the most comfortable earplugs I have ever worn hands down.

After I showered I entered the tank as instructed and just laid back, while listening to the relaxing music before the main room lights and music turned off ten minutes later. I’ll be honest that it was a very weird experience and feeling at first once the music turned off, as I found for me it took a while for me to relax as I’m not used to complete silence. In addition to this, you are literally laying in water listening to your own breathing, but once you have completely relaxed your body it was a really soothing feeling. The way to describe the feeling is a mixture of both being in a (massive) bathtub and floating in the pool on a lilo.

For an hour I was left with no distractions of social media and nor did I get the urge to scroll through my Instagram or Twitter timeline. It was definitely a nice escape from modern society and gave me a lot of time to reflect and while some people fall asleep while floating, I found it unwinding to just lie there and give myself to think about my goals (in a non-stressful situation). Nearing towards the hour, the music slowly came back on and if you by chance fall asleep, the sound of the ventilation will kick in and wake you up. Once the ventilation came on, I got out and stepped into the shower (Ps. your skin will feel incredibly soft and almost silk-like) and washed my body and hair thoroughly. Your hair will feel dry due to the salts, but I can promise you as soon as you wash and condition it, your hair will return to normal. Once I was dressed, I had a lovely conversation with Gemma who asked for my thoughts on my experience and advised me to sit down and have a drink before I headed back home. This also gave me the opportunity to relax and sit down in a really calming atmosphere before getting in the car.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and is definitely something I would not have thought about trying. After the session, I felt initially more relaxed and calmer but also more refreshed. Like I previously mentioned, it was lovely to have time away from social media and really just enjoy relaxing. I must say I did keep the purple lighting (inside the tank) on throughout my session, purely because I found it very relaxing. However next time I would definitely like to experience it with the lights off and see if this changes my experience or allows me to relax easier. I often slouch in my chair or when I am sitting half up in bed which causes tension in my back and I found that after, I did notice I didn’t experience as much pain in my back.

Finally, my experience was definitely made by the lovely Gemma, it is clear not only how much the business means to her, but how much at Limitless Float they care about their customers and their experiences and I couldn’t have wished to have this experience from anyone else. If anyone is local to Southampton, I definitely recommend going to Limitless Float because of the personal and customer orientated service they provide.

Would you try floating? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.