Moving Back to University

By taking a few days out of blogging, it feels like forever since I last posted. However do bear with me, I have a reasonable excuse; I’ve been moving back to university. In order for me to get myself together and be in the mindset to blog, I really wanted to settle in and organise my room; in which I have done and now I’m ready to continue.

London » Portsmouth

On Saturday afternoon I packed my little baby Karma the KA with all my belongings, said goodbye to my family (who all cheered when I got into my car), kissed by other little baby Buddy goodbye and headed back down to Portsmouth.

How adorable is my little sister Abbie?! She’s so cute and has been sharing my blog with her friends (bless her).

I’m living with three other lovely girls Maria, Lauren and Abby in a cosy four bedroom house. I am in love with how cute my room is looking at the moment and do not worry; a room tour is soon pending. These pictures totally give me MTV Cribs vibes – so “Hi MTV, my name is Courtney and welcome to my crib (kinda).

Student Halls vs Student Houses

Last year I wish I documented my life in student halls so I could look back in the future and reminisce about my time as a university student. There are quite a few differences between living in halls and student housing, which I have already noticed. If you are not in university or are a first-year student, you tend to live in halls for the first year of university or your ‘freshers year’. Then in your second and third year, you tend to live in an actual house; where responsibilities for bills and essentially being an adult starts… Halls are mini self-contained flats, where you will have your own bedroom and share a kitchen. Sometimes you will have your own bathroom (I was lucky enough to have an en-suite) and sometimes you will have a communal bathroom.

Halls are often central to the university buildings, however as Portsmouth is not a campus university, the halls here are situated mainly in the Guildhall area. There are a few exceptions like Rees Hall, which is situated by the seafront and Langstone Village (which closed down this summer). It is all dependant on which university you go to, as each city varies. My house is around a half hour walk away from lecture theatres and university facilities; which shall be interesting time winter rolls around. but thank god for the free uni bus.


So far I am loving my new house, it is so nice to have my own space again after sharing a room with my little sister for three months and be reunited with some of my friends; Leon (yes you have now made the cut), Alena and Gabi. Due to moving house right before summer started, this summer has been quite a difficult one for me. No longer was I working long hours and most of my summer was spent at home (apart from seeing my cousins who are like sisters to me). While it has been strange not seeing my old friends every day, I am looking forward to spending lots of time with my friends that I met at university and enjoying my second year.

Do you prefer living in student halls or in a house? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

Courtney Bekah x