My Floating Experience with Limitless Float

Earlier this week I was invited by Gemma and Jared the owners of Limitless Float situated in Southampton via fellow blogger Reema, you can check out her blog here; to visit them and try out floating myself. Disclaimer: I am not being paid in return for a review, however, this was a gifted experience. So first and foremost thank you, Gemma and Jared, for this opportunity.


What Would I like to Accomplish in the Next Ten Years?

So last Thursday, your girl Courtney Bekah entered a new decade and turned twenty years old and God doesn’t she feel like she should start getting her life together. I’ve been a pretty transparent person on my blog, previously discussing my fears for the future and what if I don’t get where I want to be. However, today we are aiming for some positive and optimising vibes, so here are ten things that I would like to accomplish throughout my twenties.


Transitioning From SS18 to AW18

That’s right, pumpkin spice season is back, and us autumn babies, are finally getting our time to shine. There’s a fresh crisp air in the morning and leaves are looking beautiful as they start to fall off the trees, certainly a slippery hazard, but pretty nonetheless. What I enjoy the most, is the AW fashion every year. Now, I’m not someone who will focus on the high-end brands, what I will focus on, is wearing more brown hues and cosy pieces and that’s exactly what I’ve been loving for AW18 so far.


What If I’m Not Good Enough?

This post may slightly be tailored towards my Legally Brunette series, however, it’s some thoughts of mine, that some of you may relate to. Therefore, because of this, I decided to categorise it as a think piece. If you look anywhere online on how to become a successful solicitor (or), barrister, you’ll find plenty of information on the academic element. It is the same information told every time; complete a law degree (LLB) or a conversion course (GDL) with the top grades because if you haven’t been pre-warned already, you’re competing with law graduates all over the country. They’ll have worked hard and left with exceptional honours and most often than not, they will be coming from the almighty Russell Group universities.