Choosing a University & Do I Regret My Choice?

Choosing a university can be a difficult choice and having doubts about your choice, equally is not a nice feeling. Over the last 6 months, I have found myself researching what I am going to do after university. Including what I need to do to achieve it and what my study plan for the upcoming year is. Is it too eager to start thinking this early on? Personally, I have found summer best to prepare myself for the new year. Trust me, I will be falling behind before I know it; if it is anything like last year!

Maybe titling this blog post ‘Do I Regret My Choice of University?’ is a bit far-fetched or maybe I am just being deep in thought at half three in the morning. But I have been thinking about university choices for a while now… For those of you who are not aware I am currently studying LLB Law at the University of Portsmouth; and have just completed first year.

so this year actually ‘counts’ *inserts eye rolling emoji*

Choosing a University

After visiting friends who are in the year above me, throughout their first year at Portsmouth; I completely fell in love with the seafront city. Despite having my other choices all accepted, I knew that none of them mattered; my heart was set on Portsmouth. Rewinding back to the start of choosing a university process, I originally did not want to move away from home. Funnily enough I had my heart set on the University of Law at their Guildford branch; however was apparent after visiting their open day that I did not want to go there for my undergraduate experience.

Discovering Portsmouth

When I started thinking about Portsmouth it sounded like a perfect place, not only did I love the city; but I had friends there and it was only a short journey away from home. After visiting an open day at Portsmouth it was clear; that it was the place where I was meant to be. I had a look back through photos and came across these ones from the open day; where I was taking full advantage of participating in acting as a barrister.

Below is approximately a year and a half gap and I am still enjoying dressing up as a barrister.

It made me laugh while writing this blog post; as I realised one of the girls in the background is actually now my friend.

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Having Regrets

Around December the doubts started, not only was this just with my university choice; but whether going to university was right for me. The great thing about making friends at university is that everyone is in the same boat; to my relief, feeling like this around Christmas is completely normal. Once you go back home and be fed some homecooked food; you will soon miss the university freedom and seeing your friends every day.

In January time I started looking at other peoples university experience content; this made me question whether I made the right choice as I saw all these other beautiful cities. As a law student, I have been loving Eve Cornwell’s content on her law degree experience at Bristol. As well as this I have been looking at the amazing opportunities Kings College London has; with their English Law & American Law LLB and JD course. This course allows you to gain your LLB degree as well as a Juris Doctor from Columbia or Georgetown. Still, to this day, I am sad that I did not look into other universities and their opportunities. However, I find great comfort in that my A-Level grades were not good enough for Kings College; this way I do not feel like I am missing out on as much.

Key Tips to Choosing a University
  1. Do attend open days and get an insight into how the university runs your desired course
  2. Attend a variety of open days, even if you were not planning on going anywhere else
  3. Do not focus too much on the pressure of Russell group universities; there are plenty of other good universities out there
  4. Be realistic about the entry requirements
  5. Have a choice with lower entry requirement so if you do not perform 110% you have a peace of mind
  6. Look at the student satisfaction feedback given for your desired course
  7. Be open minded on different cities
  8. Lastly, be happy with your choice and do not let parents or friends pressure you into going somewhere else

Overall, as much as other universities may offer different experiences, would I swap Portsmouth for it? Most probably not. I have made incredible friends in Portsmouth and while it may not have beautiful old buildings like Bristol; or the chance to study in America like KCL, it offers me everything I need and has a lovely beach after all.

Only 25 days till I return and I cannot wait!

Much Love,

Courtney Bekah x