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With the end of our first year at university nearing, myself and one of my best friends Xian decided that a holiday was needed after our exams. After scrolling for hours looking at trips away, ranging from Rome (after the Lizzie McGuire movie) to Dubai (Xian’s favourite place) to Canary Islands (all inclusive and good weather) we found Hotel Viu in Milan and instantly fell in love. The 5* hotel automatically caught our eye with its luxurious and modern decor (which is a must for the both of us) and the rooftop pool was the biggest catch of all. After a few minutes of repeatedly saying “do you want to book it?” to each other, we booked our trip to Milan and all that was needed now was to survive exam season.

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As I type this blog post it will now be over two years since I last wrote on my blog, which is something I outgrew after doing so for a few years starting back in 2012; which very few reading will know about. My motivation for blogging went downhill back in September 2015, I had just started college after leaving secondary school and later left my job at River Island to start a new chapter in my life working at Chessington World of Adventures. It turns out that this chapter was an experience I will never forget and while the two years I spent there was bittersweet, I have made some friends for life that I hope that I will never lose as I close this door and open a new one…

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From a young age like many others, I loved creating my own websites which stemmed from the blogging site Piczo. I remember sitting there with my cousins in my nans’ house, adding glittery titles and fussing over which webcam photo to set as my icon. I then proceeded to create a blog on Blogspot and then in November 2013 I opened my first website with the help of the wonderful Oliver Caveney; who once again has come to my rescue and helped set up this website after months going back and forth on deciding whether my indecisive self, wanted to commit to starting something again I fell out of love with…

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