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When people ask me “what do you study at University?” without a doubt 99% of the time when I say that I study law, the reply I get is “wow you must be smart” and as much as I wish that was true, it is definitely not the case. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to become a lawyer *minus the slight detour when I had bright ambitions to become the next big actress or my phase of wanting to become a film editor*. However, if you would have asked me five years ago whether I would be studying it now, I definitely would not have thought it would be possible.

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If you have ever been told, “you look happier” or have been told how you have changed for the better; you will understand how good it is to hear those words. Becoming a happier person has changed me for the better; I’m not saying I am happy one hundred and ten per cent of the time, nor am I saying I do not have bad days just like everybody else. But when I look back to the kind of person I was growing up or even the girl I was two years ago, have I changed? Most definitely, but for the better…

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At the start of my gluten-free journey, I believed that it would be the end of eating my favourite foods and living off of meat and vegetables; but I have recently discovered that it doesn’t have to be that way. Despite my intolerance starting a couple of years ago; it is only the last couple of months I have truly become strict with my diet. Everyone is aware of the free-from bread and pasta options but fresh cakes at a bakery? Not so much. Until I came across Glutopia, I thought all hope of having freshly baked cakes was lost.

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