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Hi. Hello. Remember me? Firstly, please bear with me while I get my bearings on how to write something other than an essay again: it has been a hot while. Secondly, welcome back to this failed attempt of a blog. It seems that these days I’ve got commitment issues, just like half of the male species. I have attempted to write this post in the months of March and April and we are now in May. On a serious note where has 2019 gone?

Paris is a city I have dreamed of going. The aesthetic. The Eiffel Tower. And of course, it being the ‘city of love’. After planning to go a few years back; many, many, conversations later: it was a done deal and I was going to be finally visiting the city of lurrrrve. With my main loves: my two cousins, my cousins best friend and my auntie.

What can I say? This trip was messier than myself on a night out. Now while I have vivid flashbacks of a messy night in Wetherspoons a few months back. Let me reassure you Paris was not THAT tragic.

Do not get me wrong, I do not think many things went according to plan on this trip: now I am not sure if losing the cat before having to leave for the Eurostar, was really a warning sign. But our train getting cancelled getting into London, inhaling tear gas due to the riots: ensuring our plans were all up in the air OR the Eurostar severe delays; really were the warning sign this trip was not meant to be plain sailing. On an extra positive note, your girl finally experienced Disneyland and now feels the need to do it all over again so I can meet Stitch.

Until next time, enjoy these beautiful photographs from Paris.

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Recently, I read an article titled ‘Why Learning To Love Yourself Is Worth The Journey‘ which spoke about the truths behind self-love as well as the importance of it. Self-love is a difficult concept to grasp, growing up we have been taught by society that it is wrong to be confident and attention seeking when we fail to see our own individual beauty. This is where there is a fine line between confidence and conceitedness and most of us are too afraid of accidentally crossing.

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If you are anything like me then you may probably have a serious love for Instagram. For as long as I can remember, I have loved having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram; while some may find that sad, I prefer it. I took a trip to London with Jessica (Secret Diary of Jess) you can check out her blog here and Hannah; where we discovered some places in London that you may love as much as we did.

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If you have ever been told, “you look happier” or have been told how you have changed for the better; you will understand how good it is to hear those words.¬†Becoming a happier person has changed me for the better. I have bad days just like everybody else but in comparison to the girl I was two years ago, have I changed? Most definitely. But for the better.

The background story: growing up I was always a negative person, I always thought the worst and was remarkably pessimistic. Growing up my mum calling me miss chatterbox shifted to miss negative and rather than saying positive things about my day, I became quite an unhappy child in some sight. When trying to improve your mood, there is significant importance in pinpointing the source of negativity: the very thing making you unhappy in life. My negativity stemmed from being bullied and the psychological effect it had even after the bullying had stopped. More recently, being in the wrong kind of relationship had a detrimental effect on my happiness.

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