Transitioning From SS18 to AW18

That’s right, pumpkin spice season is back, and us autumn babies, are finally getting our time to shine. There’s a fresh crisp air in the morning and leaves are looking beautiful as they start to fall off the trees, certainly a slippery hazard, but pretty nonetheless. What I enjoy the most, is the AW fashion every year. Now, I’m not someone who will focus on the high-end brands, what I will focus on, is wearing more brown hues and cosy pieces and that’s exactly what I’ve been loving for AW18 so far.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will be fully aware of the brown ‘fluffy coat’ trend, or as I like to call it, the teddy bear coat. In my opinion (probably biased) everybody needs some sort of brown coat in their wardrobe, as a staple piece for AW18. It’s a perfect way to [pumpkin] spice up your wardrobe, and transform your clothing from summer fashion to autumn.

Now I will put my hands up, I ‘m not the trendiest person, in the absolute slightest. My wardrobe consists of; skinny jeans, hoodies and leggings and with eveningwear consisting of my trusty grey joggers (I’m blaming being a university student on this one). My wardrobe is in dire need of a reform, (much like our legal system) sorry, not sorry for that one,  and this stable coat is a step in the right direction.

Now just like marmite, you either love or hate the leopard trend, which to think of, has been with us for a while now. Slowly but surely, I ‘m starting to appreciate, the love for this print. Just watch out, I’ll start representing my inner Kat Slater style soon. Joking aside, there are many different approaches to incorporating this print.


                                                             Coat – Primark

                                                         Jumper – Hollister


I didn’t want to throw myself into the deep end, therefore, I decided to find myself a leopard print headband, this one is twisted in the middle – which is another trend seen in head accessories. For a bargain of £2.50, I couldn’t say no. My hair in its natural state represents a windswept birds nest (which I prefer to avoid), therefore, this headband is perfect for slicking my hair back. I’ve been tempted to brave the cut and go back to my old shoulder length hair, so in the instance, that I decide to act on that temptation, this will come in good use.

Knitted sweaters are a staple piece for any autumn/winter wardrobe. The reasoning for this? They’re comfortable, cosy and look well put together (despite the probability of chucking this on last minute because everything else suitable is in the wash). Yes, I know. Courtney, you have so much black and white, why not go for a different colour jumper?  To be honest with you guys, I like to play it pretty safe when it comes to fashion. Why? Because I’m a full-time student, and when I’m budgeting myself for the term, unsurprisingly, there isn’t much room for ‘shopping’. 

Prior to last weekend when I went shopping in Southampton, I couldn’t tell you the last time I did a large shopping spree, it was that long ago. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s just simply nice to buy new staple pieces, to help transform your wardrobe from one season to another… Everyone loves saving some coin.

Shoutout to my housemate Abby, for having the time and patience to shoot these photographs for me, despite being ill and getting out of her dressing gown to do so. Dedication at its finest!

When transitioning your wardrobe from SS to AW, I think the key thing is to pick your favourite pieces and work with them, not against them. Everyone loves a good change, however, a change of season doesn’t necessarily mean it’s essential to buy a whole new wardrobe. This coat can change any outfit I currently own and completely transform the entire look. Obviously, this look is more tailored to the autumnal side of AW fashion and will not be suitable for the colder months, however you catch my drift.

What are your staple items for AW fashion? Make sure to let me know in the comments below and help a girl become somewhat ‘stylish’.