About Me


Hello, first of all, welcome to courtneybekah.uk and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog; my name is Courtney Cummins and I am a twenty-year-old law student at the University of Portsmouth and a lifestyle blogger.

Back in 2013, I opened my first official blog which focused on beauty, fashion and my travels. However, since then I have taken a break, had a nice little redesign and now I am back ready than ever. So for those who are old readers welcome back and for those who are new, welcome to my blog.

On here you will find various posts ranging from my travels, beauty recommendations and overall lifestyle posts; which will discuss my life both as a university student, as well as other things which I get up to.

You can also follow my social media on Instagram and Twitter by searching ‘courtneybekahx’ where I regularly share content daily.

I hope you enjoy reading and stick around to see what is to come from me.

Much Love