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If you have ever been told, “you look happier” or have been told how you have changed for the better; you will understand how good it is to hear those words.¬†Becoming a happier person has changed me for the better. I have bad days just like everybody else but in comparison to the girl I was two years ago, have I changed? Most definitely. But for the better.

The background story: growing up I was always a negative person, I always thought the worst and was remarkably pessimistic. Growing up my mum calling me miss chatterbox shifted to miss negative and rather than saying positive things about my day, I became quite an unhappy child in some sight. When trying to improve your mood, there is significant importance in pinpointing the source of negativity: the very thing making you unhappy in life. My negativity stemmed from being bullied and the psychological effect it had even after the bullying had stopped. More recently, being in the wrong kind of relationship had a detrimental effect on my happiness.

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